Christmas & Birthday…

Hi, first of all, hope everyone had a great christmas and a great happy new year.

For Christmas I got a Boston Celtics Basketball Jersey,

 The pair of touch boots I’ve always wanted,

I also got a X Box 360 Kinect and three games to go with it,

and I also got a $50 Rebel Sport voucher  and I’ve used $17 for a new adidas boot bag for my new boots, a $30 EVENT Cinemas voucher and I got some other clothes too.

For my birthday I got a NBA Lakers Snapback,

From my cousins I got one hundred dollars and from my friend Matthew I got an art set.

Bye for now.


Good Bye Year 5’s…

Hi guys, long time no see.

Hope your holidays are going good, mine are, today I went to go see Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, it was cool as and they sung cool songs too. It’s a pretty cool movie and yesterday I went to Hunters Plaza and guess what, I saw little Ashton there.

Good Bye Year 5’s, I’ll try visit Pap West again next year.


Hope to see you in the holidays.


Kiwi Can Assembly.

Hi again,

This morning our school went to an assembly of how Kiwi Can has been at our school this term.

First we stood up to sing the NZ National Anthem.

Next we had certificates for the Years 1, 2, and 3 classes.

We then had a sing-off between the teachers and 2 random students. The contestants were Miss Wallis, Miss Evans, Mrs Singh and Mrs Gautam for the teachers and for the students it was Kesaia from our class and Eddie from another class. I think from the applause the students won.

After that Kiwi Can showed us a slide show of students thanking their teachers that they made with different students from different classes.

Soon after our principal, Mr Canute let out classes out one by one.

That was the end of the assembly.

Bye for now.

One Day In Room 1.


Today our class has been split up into different classes because Mr Valter and all the Patrol people went to Rainbow’s End for the day and Me, Taedyn and Kaea got put into Room 1 and now we are doing our monster drawing and description.

I’ll keep you up to date tomorrow.